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e. Resist unlawful arrest

State v. Scott H. Wenger, 2017AP2305, 6/14/18, District 4 (one-judge decision; ineligible for publication); case activity (including briefs) Wenger got arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting at Art in the Park in Stevens point. The circuit court dismissed the DC but found him guilty, after a bench trial, of resisting. He claims insufficient evidence as… Read more


State v. Shonna Hobson, 218 Wis.2d 350, 577 N.W.2d 825 (1998), on certification For Hobson: Keith A. Findley, John A. Pray, LAIP, UW Law School Holding: Wisconsin recognizes a common law privilege to forcibly resist an unlawful arrest (i.e., w/o made w/o probable cause); but having recognized that privilege, the court simultaneously abrogates it (albeit prospectively… Read more