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d. Car-jacking

State v. Martez C. Fennell, 2017AP2480-CR, District 1, 3/26/19 (not recommended for publication); case activity (including briefs) Fennell unsuccessfully challenges his convictions for armed robbery and operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent, arguing that the charges are multiplicitous and that trial counsel should have subpoenaed a witness who would have impeached the victim’s identification… Read more


State v. Prentiss M. McKinnie, 2002 WI App 82, PFR filed 3/14/02 For McKinnie: Bryan J. Borman, SPD, Waukesha Trial Issue: Whether separate charges, of carjacking and operating the same motor vehicle without owner’s consent are permissible where, after allegedly taking the car, the defendant continued to drive it the next day. Holding: Though these offenses are… Read more