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A. Requests for

Bill Lueders v. Scott Krug, 2019 WI App 36; case activity (including briefs) Here’s a non-criminal case that may nevertheless prove useful to your criminal practice, if you seek information via the open-records law. Lueders (a reporter) sent an open records request to Krug (a state legislator)’s office, asking for emails referring to a particular… Read more


court of appeals certification; for Bryan Stanley: Kristin M. Kerschensteiner; case activity Open Records – Sealed Court File – NGI Condition Release Plan  The appeal raises two significant issues at the intersection of Wisconsin’s Open Records Law and Mental Health Act, one procedural and one substantive. The procedural issue involves the proper mechanism to pursue an open records… Read more


Mootness: Release of Sought-After Open Record

Portage Daily Register v. Columbia Co. Sh. Dept., 2008 WI App 30 Issue/Holding: ¶8        We will generally not consider issues that are moot on appeal. See Hernandez v. Allen, 2005 WI App 247, ¶10, 288 Wis. 2d 111, 707 N.W.2d 557. However, the present appeal is not moot because our ruling will have the practical… Read more