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B. Types of documents

Democratic Party of Wisconsin v. Wisconsin Department of Justice, 2014AP2536-FT, District 4/2, 10/14/15 (summary disposition; ineligible for publication, reversed, 2016 WI 100; case activity (including memo briefs) While this decision is not citable, even for persuasive value, see Rule 809.23(3)(b), On Point thought it newsworthy enough to bring to our readers’ attention. Here’s the genesis of… Read more


In the matter of State of Wisconsin v. Bryan J. Stanley: La Crosse Tribune v. Circuit Court for La Crosse County, 2012 WI App 42 (recommended for publication); case activity Open Records / Public Access to Court Records – Treatment Records, Generally  (Discussion with respect to newspaper’s Open Records request for information contained in NGI conditional release… Read more