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2. Citizen’s arrest

State v. Blair T. Davis, 2011AP320,District 2, 6/22/11 court of appeals decision (1-judge, not for publication); for Davis: Daniel J. Posanski; case activity Arrest by campus policeman, outside his jurisdiction, was justifiable under either citizen’s arrest, or fresh pursuit, doctrines. ¶5        The fresh pursuit doctrine states that any Wisconsin peace officer may pursue and arrest a suspect… Read more


State v. James W. Keith, 2003 WI App 47, PFR filed 3/5/03 For Keith: Christopher A. Mutschler Issue/Holding: Evidence not suppressible merely because seized by officer effectuating stop outside of his or her jurisdiction: there is no “reason to ignore the well-established rule that suppression is required only when evidence is obtained in violation of a… Read more