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6. Act 79

State v. Roger James Gollon, 2023AP86-CR, District 4, 7/27/23 (one-judge decision; ineligible for publication); case activity (including briefs) Gollon moved to suppress evidence police obtained after they entered his home without a warrant. The trouble, the court of appeals holds, with Gollon’s claim is that police utlized an accepted “knock-and-talk” investigating technique to gain entry… Read more


United States v. Dustin Caya, 7th Circuit Court of Appeals No. 19-2469, 4/16/20 Caya was on extended supervision. Police developed reasonable suspicion to search his home, and duly did so under § 302.113(7r), which was created by 2013 Wisconsin Act 79. Caya argues that statute violates the Fourth Amendment. The Seventh Circuit rejects the claim. Act… Read more


State v. Roy S. Anderson, 2019 WI 97, 11/15/19, affirming a per curiam court of appeals decision; case activity (including briefs) Act 79 permits law enforcement to search a person on probation, parole or extended supervision based on reasonable suspicion (not probable cause) that the person, is is about to, or has committed a violation… Read more

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State v. Roy S. Anderson, 2017AP1104-CR, petition for review granted 4/9/19; case activity (including briefs) Issues: What constitutes sufficient knowledge of an offender’s community supervision status where an officer wants to search him pursuant to 2013 Wisconsin Act 79? Whether the officers in this case had reasonable suspicion to search Anderson pursuant to Act 79… Read more