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16. Public restroom

Expectation of Privacy — Public Rest Room

State v. Timothy L. Neitzel, 2008 WI App 143 For Neitzel: David A. Nelson Issue/Holding: Under the particular circumstances, the sole occupant of a locked, public restroom had no reasonable expectation of privacy given that he occupied the room for at least 25 minutes and then failed to respond to pounding on the door. The court… Read more


State v. Juan M. Orta, 2003 WI App 93 For Orta: Glenn L. Cushing, SPD, Madison Appellate Issue/Holding: ¶2 … (A)n individual who occupies a public restroom stall does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy when he or she occupies it with another individual, leaves the door slightly ajar and unlatched, and evinces no… Read more