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f. Object

State v. Steve C. Deterding, 2015AP195-CR, 3/10/16, District 3 (not recommended for publication); case activity (including briefs) A police officer lawfully removed the object he felt in Deterring’s pants pocket during a lawful pat-down for weapons. After reports of a vehicle driving erratically and striking a barrier wall on an Interstate highway, an officer located the vehicle… Read more

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State v. Jermichael James Carroll, 2010 WI 8, affirming 2008 WI App 161 For Carroll: Michael K. Gould, SPD, Milwaukee Appellate Issue/Holding: Frisk analysis applies to police demand that suspect drop object in hand, ¶22. ¶23      Here, Carroll led officers on a high-speed chase in a car that the officers had been observing in connection with an armed robbery… Read more