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a. Automobile

State v. James G. Brereton, 2013 WI 17, affirming 2011 WI App 127; case activity Search and seizure of vehicle — attaching GPS tracking device After lawfully stopping Brereton, the police removed him from his car, towed it to a lot, and, after obtaining a warrant, attached a GPS tracking device. The car was returned… Read more


Traffic stop – tail lamp violation

State v. Antonio D. Brown, 2013 WI App 17, petition for review granted 10/15/13; case activity Police lacked probable cause to stop Brown for a defective tail lamp, § 347.13, based on one unlit bulb (out of four) in the tail lamp assembly: ¶19 The parties agree with the circuit court’s finding that the police… Read more


State v. Damon Keith Sutton, 2012 WI App 7 (recommended for publication); for Sutton: Maayan Silver; case activity Reasonable Suspicion – “Frisk,” of Vehicle Reasonable suspicion supported “protective search” of Sutton’s van following routine traffic stop: While the officer ran a document check, Sutton remained in the van. The officer discerned “distinct rocking motions,” which… Read more


State v. Little A. Stewart, 2011 WI App 152

court of appeals decision (recommended for publication); for Little: Jeffrey W. Jensen; case activity Probable Cause to Arrest  ¶14      In Stewart’s case, the pertinent facts are: •           On March 10, 2009, a reliable confidential informant told Agent Gray that one of the people who had been arrested with Alderman McGee was going to be bringing cocaine to Milwaukee.  After… Read more


State v. Cindy R. Billips, 2009AP2493-CR, District 2, 10/5/11 court of appeals decision (1-judge, not for publication); for Billips: Timothy R. Muth, Amy Lynn MacArdy; case activity Following OWI arrest supported by probable cause, the officer was authorized to search the vehicle for evidence relevant to the OWI arrest: ¶9        Here, it was reasonable for Kinservik… Read more


Traffic Stop – Tail Lamp Violation

State v. Laurence Evan Olson, 2010AP149-CR, District 4, 8/5/10 court of appeals decision (1-judge, not for publication); for Olson: Christopher W. Dyer; BiC; Resp.; Reply ¶11      WISCONSIN STAT. § 347.13(1) provides that “[n]o vehicle originally equipped at the time of manufacture and sale with 2 tail lamps shall be operated on a highway during hours of darkness unless… Read more


court of appeals decision (1-judge; not for publication); for Schlapper: Owen R. Williams; BiC; Resp.; Reply Probable Cause Based Search of Car, After Arrest of Passenger Police had probable cause to search car, after passenger threw marijuana out window; search-incident limitations imposed by Arizona v. Gant therefore inapplicable… Read more