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3. Conditional jail time

State ex rel. Christopher W. Baade v. Brian Hayes, 2015 WI App 71; case activity (including briefs) Section 973.155(4) says that sentence credit granted to inmates serving sentences of one year or less in a county jail or a house of correction “shall include earned good time….” That language doesn’t apply to inmates who are placed on probation and given… Read more


State v. Martin V. Yanick, Jr., 2007 WI App 30 Pro se Issue/Holding: ¶1    … We conclude that, when a defendant has served conditional jail time and his or her probation is later revoked and the defendant commences serving an imposed and stayed sentence, the defendant is entitled to sentence credit for days spent in… Read more

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State v. Rick L. Edwards, 2003 WI App 221, PFR filed 10/24/03 For Edwards: Margaret A. Maroney, SPD, Madison Appellate Issue/Holding: A probationer whose jail confinement has been stayed during a period of hospitalization is not in custody for § 946.42 purposes and can’t be charged with escape for leaving the hospital and failing to return to jail; nor… Read more