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10. Extended supervision

State v. Joseph L. Slater, 2021 WI App 88; case activity (including briefs) Slater had a prison sentence imposed and then stayed in favor of probation. While on probation, he was arrested on three new charges. The department of corrections revoked his probation pretty quickly, but he didn’t get sent to prison: instead, he remained… Read more


State v. Richard H. Harrison Jr., , 2017AP2440-2441-CR, 3/21/19, District 4, (not recommended for publication); Review Granted 8/14/19, reversed, 2020 WI 35; case activity (including briefs) This post requires some concentration. Harrison was sentenced to 3 years IC (Initial Confinement) and 3 years ES (Extended Supervision) in a 2007 case and a 2008 case. In an… Read more


State v. Andrew Obriecht, 2015 WI 66, 7/7/15, reversing a published court of appeals decision; case activity (including briefs) When sentence credit is granted after a convicted defendant’s parole is revoked, the additional credit must be applied to the parolee’s reincarceration time, and not—as the Department of Corrections and the court of appeals thought—to any period of parole remaining… Read more


Sentence Credit – Extended Supervision Hold

State v. Terrill J. Hintz, 2007 WI App 113, (AG’s) PFR granted 9/11/07 For Hintz: Steven D. Phillips, SPD, Madison Appellate Issue/Holding: Where an extended supervision hold is based at least in part on arrest on a new offense, § 973.115(1)(a) awards credit for time spent in custody under the hold against the sentence ultimately imposed for… Read more


State v. Lee Terrence Presley, 2006 WI App 82 For Presley: Richard D. Martin, SPD, Milwaukee Appellate Issue/Holding:   Sentence credit is required for for days spent in jail between dates of revocation of extended supervision in an earlier case and sentencing on both the revoked supervision and a new case. ¶10      Presley submits that Beets requires sentence credit until… Read more