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b. Attorneys fees

State v. Aman Deep Singh, 2022AP1202-04, District I, 7/5/23, 1-judge decision ineligible for publication; case activity (including briefs) In a somewhat messy pro se appeal, the court of appeals agrees that the circuit court improperly required Singh to reimburse attorney’s fees but rejects his remaining claims. Singh managed to pick up three OWI cases within the… Read more


Fines — Attorney Fees, Distinguished From

State v. Kevin J. Helsper, 2006 WI App 243 For Helsper: Glenn L. Cushing, SPD, Madison Appellate Issue/Holding: ¶20      Fines and attorney fee obligations involve different State purposes, and therefore a different constitutional analysis. When analyzing the constitutionality of a fee recoupment statute, the court is to consider, among other things, the rationality of the… Read more