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3. Confrontation

M.R.B. v. S.S., 2017AP1217-1219, 10/5/17, District 4 (1-judge opinion, ineligible for publication); case activity This slim opinion delivers hard blows to a father resisting the termination of his parental rights. They concern circuit court competency, a request for a continuance, and the sufficiency of evidence in determining whether termination was in the best interests of… Read more


TPR – Right to Subpoena Parent’s Child

Jeffrey J. v. David D., 2010AP1717, District 3, 9/28/10 court of appeals decision (1-judge, not for publication); for David D.: Shelley Fite, SPD, Madison Appellate   Parent’s right to confrontation was satisfied by in-chambers discussion between judge and children during which they spoke in favor of termination, where their father killed their mother and grandparents… Read more