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Walworth County v. M.R.M., 2022AP140-FT, certification granted 9/14/22 case activity Issues (from the COA certification): 1. Does the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision in Waukesha County v. E.J.W., 2021 WI 85, ¶38, 399 Wis. 2d 471, 966 N.W.2d 590, apply retroactively or only or only prospectively? 2. In a ch. 51 case involving a petition to extend a commitment… Read more


State v. Wilson P. Anderson, 2020AP819-CR, petition for review of an unpublished court of appeals opinion granted 9/14/22; case activity (including briefs) Issues: 1.  Whether Sell v. United States, 539 U.S. 166 (2003) requires the State to submit a treatment plan in support of its motion for involuntary medication to restore a defendant’s competency to… Read more