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Mandamus — Review of Denial of Judicial Substitution

State of Wisconsin ex rel. Mateo D.O. v. Circuit Court, 2005 WI App 85

For Mateo D.O.: Colleen Bradley, SPD, Oshkosh Trial


¶15. A petition for a writ of mandamus or prohibition is an appropriate remedy to redress the denial of judicial substitution. See State ex rel. James L.J. v. Circuit Court for Walworth County, 200 Wis. 2d 496, 498, 546 N.W.2d 460 (1996). The circuit court violated a plain duty in refusing to honor Mateo’s request. See State ex rel. Ondrasek v. Circuit Court for Calumet County, 133 Wis. 2d 177, 185, 394 N.W.2d 912 (Ct. App. 1986). We therefore grant the petition for a supervisory writ of mandamus and direct the chief judge and circuit court to honor the request for judicial substitution.