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State v. Stanley W. Puchacz, 2010 WI App 30

court of appeals decision; for Puchacz: William M. Hayes
Resp Br

OWI Enhancer, § 346.65(2) – Out-of-State Conviction
Michigan convictions for driving while visibly impaired may be counted as Wisconsin OWI priors, given “broad interpretation and application of the final phrase in Wis. Stat. § 343.307(1)(d) and the public policy supporting our drunk driving laws,” ¶¶12-13.

Traffic Stop – Deviating from Center Line, § 346.05
Crossing center line, even if but “momentary” provides probable cause for a stop, ¶15-20.

State v. Michael L. Popke, 2009 WI 37, State v. Robert E. Post, 2007 WI 60, discussed;  former described as “not only more on point than Post, but (as) clarify(ying) the Post holding,” ¶15.