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If you have, or are watching, a case in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, this statistical data may interest you:  (1) Number of 4-3-decisions; (2) Decisions arranged by vote split; (3) Frequency of justices in the majority; (4) Distribution of opinion authorship; (5) Frequency of agreement between pairs of justices; (6) Average time between oral argument and opinions authored by each justice; (7) Number of oral arguments presented by firms and agencies.

The tables for the court’s 2012-2013 term are immediately below.  Click the image once, pause, then click a second time to enlarge it.  For information on how these statistics were tabulated, visit SCOWstats.com.


 DISCLAIMER: The tables above are republished here with the permission of SCOWstats.com. The State Public Defender did not tabulate the data and is not responsible for its accuracy. If you have questions about this information, please contact Professor Alan Ball, author of SCOWstats.com, at [email protected].