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Sentencing: Gannett Wisconsin shows sentences vary drastically between judges. Click this database for the investigative report and a database that allows to compare sentencing harshness by judge and county (2005-14) for 12 different felonies.

Reversal Rates: Which circuit court judges get overturned overturned most often? Search this Gannett database to see how your judge fares on appeal.

The Wisconsin Law Journal recently tabulated how Wisconsin’s circuit court judges fare in the court of appeals and supreme court during 2015. Here is a link to those tables, however, you have to be a subscriber to see them.

Felony Substitutions:  Use this Gannett database to see how many substitution requests were filed on individual Wisconsin judges between 2010-2014.

Click here for data on the number of civil and criminal appeals filed in 2015 and one how the court of appeals disposed of those filings.

Click here for a comprehensive statistical report on the court of appeals for 2014. This report tallies all filings(civil, criminal, no-merit reports) and breaks them down by district. It also shows how often the court of appeals affirms the circuit in civil  versus criminal cases, how often it sets cases for oral argument, and how long it takes the court of appeals to decide an appeal. The 2015 report should be out in February 2016.

Filings and Opinions. Click here for SCOW’s own December 2015 monthly statistical report re the number of filings it received and the number of opinions it issued. Click here for SCOW’s annual statistical report of the same data for the 2014-2015 term.

Reversals in Criminal Cases: How often does SCOW reverse court of appeals decisions that favor criminal defendants versus those that favor the state? Find the results for 2013-2104 here on SCOWstats.com and the results for 1998-2013 here.

4th Amendment Cases: SCOWstats.com tracked how individual justices and SCOW as a whole voted on 4th Amendment issues over the course of 19 years. See those tables here.

6th Amendment Cases: Ditto re 6th Amendment cases here.

Concurrences and Dissents: See how frequently individual justices concur or dissent and who they pair up with here.

Public Defender Cases: How do public defender cases fare in SCOW compared to non-public defender cases? Click here for results from 2008-2014 and here for results from 1995-2014.