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A great resource for Chapter 51 lawyers!

In our ongoing effort to improve On Point, we have begun to edit the index of posts on our Archive page so that it is more user-friendly and easier for readers to find the elusive “Defense wins!” on specific issues. Chapter 51 is our guinea pig.

Before, the Chapter 51 index on our Archive lumped all posts under a handful of very general topics like “commitments,” “involuntary medication,” “mootness,” and “sufficiency of evidence.” No wonder you couldn’t find anything.

Now the Chapter 51 index tracks Chapter 51 itself and highlights defense wins on each of its requirements. What a thought! You can find posts (and “defense wins!”) on each element for an original commitment (i.e. mentally ill, a proper subject for treatment, and the 5 dangerousness standards), each element for a recommitment, and for involuntary medication orders. We’ve also highlighted “defense wins” on time limit violations, mootness and other topics.

To see the edited outline of Chapter 51 posts, click either the “Archive” tab above or here . Click on “Expand/Collapse All.” Then in the first column on the left scroll down until you see: “3.Civil Commitments; A. Ch. 51, Mental Health (121).” We hope you find the posts you need to defend our Chapter 51 clients well!

If you have thoughts on the edited Chapter 51 outline or suggestions on which category of posts to edit next, email us or submit a comment below.


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