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April/May 2020 publication list

On May 27, 2020, the court of appeals ordered the publication of the following cases decided in April and May (as there was no April publication list):

Marathon County v. R.J.O., 2020 WI App 20 (counties need not attempt personal service of ch. 51 recommitment petitions)

State v. Provost, 2020 WI App 21 (no speedy trial violation where most delays were attributable to defendant)

State v. Abbott, 2020 WI App 25 (circuit court should have suppressed certain evidence seized in violation of the Fourth Amendment, but error was harmless)

State v. Marcotte, 2020 WI App 28 (drug court judge turned sentencing judge was objectively biased)

State v. Kontny, 2020 WI App 30 (stipulation to credit at sentencing doesn’t preclude subsequent motion under § 973.155; and defendant doesn’t get credit for day of sentencing, because that’s the day the sentence begins)

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