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Here’s a fun story copied in from this week’s ABA Journal blawg!

Lawyer leaves $200K Ferrari in floodwaters to make it to hearing on time

Posted Jul 10, 2013 5:30 PM CDT
By Molly McDonough

Quite a buzz was created in Toronto this week when after torrential rains, a silver Ferrari was left stranded in a flooded underpass.  Click here.

Who would leave their $192,000 Italian sports car soaking in murky floodwaters?

The Toronto Star tracked down the owner, employment lawyer Howard A. Levitt, who’d been on his way to a hearing in Ottawa when the heavy rains hit. And it turns out his Ferrari was no match for the flood, which at first looked like a “puddle.”

By the time he left, the water was over the roof. So after making sure his car would be towed once the waters receded, he did the only thing that made sense: found a ride to Ottawa.

“I guess that’s what insurance companies are for. But the bottom line was, I had a case to get to,” Levitt is quoted saying. “You can’t let the client down, no matter what personal exigencies you might have.”

Levitt, who Above the Law described as “a rock star of epic proportions,” also is seeing some humor in the ordeal and is glad he won his motion in Ottawa.

“Those are the bigger pictures,” he tells the Toronto Star. “It’s an amusing story I probably won’t forget.”

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