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Arrest — Probable Cause — OWI

State v. Gregg A. Pfaff, 2004 WI App 31
For Pfaff: Rex Anderegg

Issue/Holding: Probable cause to arrest for OWI upheld on following facts as found by trial court:

¶20. … Metzen’s decision not to perform field sobriety testing was reasonable in light of Pfaff’s injuries. Metzen is an experienced officer and has processed many defendants for OWI. Metzen was at the scene of the accident and, at the hospital, Metzen observed Pfaff to have an odor of intoxicants on his breath and red, watery eyes. Metzen had information from Jordan that the accident took place in a distress lane off the roadway and, in his opinion, he believed Pfaff was unable to safely control his vehicle. After making these findings, Judge Kieffer stated, “[T]he Court looks at the totality of all these circumstances, and the Court believes that based upon these particular circumstances, that there did exist probable cause to believe that Mr. Pfaff was under the influence.” …

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