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Arrest — Probable Cause — Specific Examples: Homicide — Husband’s Involvement in Wife’s Disappearance

State v. Daniel H. Kutz, 2003 WI App 205, PFR filed 10/27/03
For Kutz: T. Christopher Kelly

Issue/Holding: The police had probable cause to arrest Kutz for involvement in his wife’s disappearance where: there was reason to believe that she had suffered serious harm given that she hadn’t returned to her mother’s house as expected, her family had unsuccessfully looked for her, and it was unlike her not to notify her family of a change in plans, ¶14; Kutz was the last person known to have seen her, he gave an implausible account, he seemed indifferent to her disappearance, and he was “obsessed” about a possible affair she was having, and “distraught” about her decision to leave him, ¶¶15-16.

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