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Attorney disciplined based in part on failure to turn client files over to successor counsel

OLR v. Peter J. Kovac, 2016 WI 62, 7/8/16; case activity

The supreme court suspended an attorney’s license for 90 days for professional misconduct in two criminal matters, including violating SCR 20:1.16(d) by failing to promptly provide the clients’ files to postconviction counsel. (¶¶5-6, 8, 9-10, 12). Because the attorney did not file an answer or defend against the OLR complaint, the court adopted the referee’s conclusions that the attorney violated the supreme court rules as alleged by OLR. (¶21).

UPDATE (7/19/16): SCOW today issued another OLR case in which the lawyer was disciplined based in part based on failure to provide a client’s file to successor appellate counsel. OLR v. Diane R. Caspari, 2016 WI 72, ¶¶10-12.

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