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Bail-Jumping, § 946.49(1)(a) – Reversal of Conviction on Which Offense Premised

State v. David Richard Turnpaugh, 2007 WI App 222
For Turnpaugh: David P. Geraghty, Michael Sosnay

Issue/Holding: Reversal of the conviction for the crime on which the bail-jumping “was premised” also requires reversal of the bail-jumping conviction, ¶8.

This isn’t to say that bail-jumping requires >conviction on the underlying offense, see, e.g., State v. Kelley L. Hauk, 2002 WI App 226, ¶¶14-19, but there is equally no doubt that the underlying offense must be submitted to the jury and proven beyond reasonable doubt, State v. Wyatt Daniel Henning, 2003 WI App 54, ¶25, reversed on other grounds,2004 WI 89. It follows (though the court doesn’t spell this out) that if the offense on which bail-jumping is premised wasn’t proven, then bail-jumping necessarily wasn’t proven either.

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