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Binding Authority – Consideration of Foreign Authority When Wisconsin Law Is Unclear

State v. Steven P. Muckerheide, 2007 WI 5, affirming unpublished opinion
For Muckerheide: Mark S. Rosen


¶38      We agree with the State’s assertion that cases from other jurisdictions are not binding on Wisconsin courts. State ex rel. E.R. v. Flynn, 88 Wis. 2d 37, 46, 276 N.W.2d 313 (Ct. App. 1979). We recognize that such case law is oftentimes helpful, and may be persuasive, but we hold that the circuit court and court of appeals did not err in deciding not to follow the decision in State v. Young, 739 P.2d 1170, since they were not required to do so, and did not find the reasoning persuasive.


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