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Briefs — Argument — Pinpoint Citations for Cited Caselaw

State v. Darren A. Kliss, 2007 WI App 13
For Kliss: Michael C. Witt
Issue/Holding: ¶6 n. 4:

We observe that Kliss, in his appellate brief, is inconsistent in his use of pinpoint citations for the case law he invokes to support his legal contentions. Wisconsin Stat. Rule 809.19(1)(e) requires the appellant to support its contentions with citations conforming to the Uniform System of Citation and Supreme Court Rule 80.02. A citation to a specific legal principle from case law shall include a reference to the page number, or paragraph number if a public domain citation is available, where the legal principle may be found. SCR 80.02(3). The rules of appellate practice are designed in part to facilitate the work of the court and such intermittent compliance with the rules improperly burdens the appellate court.

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