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Can SCOW clear its clog?

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin’s deadline for deciding cases is June 30th, but according to a May 21st court memo they had only discussed 23% of the cases they plan to decide this term.  The Chief says what the justices need are more opportunities to discuss their cases.  What Justices Crooks, Prosser, Roggensack, Gabelman and Ziegler voted for was a time limit on discussions.  One thing’s certain.  If the justices intend to get all of their work done this term,  they’re likely looking a lot of “all nighters” in the next 18 days.  How does this year’s backlog compare to the backlogs last year and the year before and the year before?  Click here to find out.  It’s not pretty.

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  • Lew A. Wasserman June 19, 2014, 8:58 am

    More discussion? Seriously? What SCOW ought to do is take a lesson from the 7th Cir., and not regularly issue 50+ page opinions. Who wants to read 50+ pages on spraying trees? 15 – 20 pages are more than enough for virtually any opinion that this court issues.

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