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e. Reconfinement

Mootness – Reconfinement Proceeding

State v. Clayborn L. Walker, 2008 WI 34, reversing 2007 WI App 142 For Walker: Amelia L. Bizzaro Issue/Holding: ¶14      As a preliminary matter, while the issue before the court is moot because Walker has completed his reconfinement term and thus our decision will not affect the underlying controversy, we may at times consider a… Read more


State v. Christopher Swiams, 2004 WI App 217 For Swiams: Jefren E. Olsen, SPD, Madison Appellate Issue/Holding: ¶4 The question presented by this appeal is whether persons sentenced to a bifurcated term of imprisonment whose extended supervision is revoked may seek relief under WIS. STAT. RULE 809.30 from the trial court’s reconfinement order. We hold… Read more