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Ch. 51 appeal is moot

Milwaukee County v. Rebecca G., 2014AP359, District 1, 9/3/14 (1-judge; ineligible for publication); case activity

Rebecca’s appeal of her ch. 51 commitment is dismissed as moot because the six-month commitment order expired while the appeal was pending and the County didn’t seek an extension.

A court may decide a case even though it’s moot if: the issue presented is of great public importance; the constitutionality of a statute is involved; the issue arises frequently and a decision is essential to guide lower courts; the issue is likely to arise again and should be resolved to avoid uncertainty; or the issue is capable and likely of repetition but evades review, State ex re. La Crosse Tribune v. Circuit Court for La Crosse County, 115 Wis. 2d 220, 228, 340 N.W.2d 460 (1983). The court of appeals declines to decide the case despite Rebecca’s plea that resolution of the appeal has practical ramifications for her.

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