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Check out the new and improved “Appellate Practice and Procedure for SPD-Appointed Counsel” handbook!

Throw away your old copy of Appellate Practice and Procedure for SPD-Appointed Counsel and make room for the Second Edition, available for consulting or downloading hereYou also find a permanent hyperlink to it on the sidebar of On Point.

The Second Edition includes significant formatting improvements:

  • Jump right to the sections you want to see using our new internal hyperlinks!
  • Find forms, samples, checklists, and directories in one convenient place–the appendix at the back of the handbook!
  • Download Microsoft Word versions of the appendix forms for use in your cases.  Editable forms include: notices of appeal, requests for transcripts, statements on transcripts, authorizations to release information, sample client letters, orders to produce and much, much more!

In addition, the Second Edition corrected numerous errors that surfaced in the First Edition, updated checklists, corrected citations and broken web links, and added new content.

The SPD’s Appellate Division is committed to updating the handbook every year so that the information never gets stale. Thank you to everyone who has suggested changes over the past year, and please keep those suggestions coming!

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