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Click-worthy links to the latest legal news!

Attorney Mark Gumz from the SPD’s Baraboo office has a good deal to say about State v. Hemp, the court of appeals’ latest expunction decision.  Read his comments here.

Eek! “Judge Fired for Sunbathing Nude in Her Chambers” here.

When imposing a sentence, Wisconsin courts may consider the defendant’s demeanor at trial and his remorse.  But a new study suggests that it is very difficult to evaluate remorse across cultural, ethnic and racial lines.  Check out the study here.

“Words Jurors Are Too Dumb to Hear in Public Include ‘Guilty,’ ‘Not Guilty,’ and ‘Innocent.'”  Click here.

If you’ve got a case involving Wisconsin’s newly-adopted Daubert standard, take a look at this post.  A recent 9th Circuit decision tossed out a jury verdict because the trial court failed to make findings regarding the reliability and relevance of expert testimony before admitting it.

What happens when a juror hugs the DA?  Find out here.

“Fewer Prisons and Yet Less Crime.”  Read about it here.

Bill Keller, former editor-in-chief of the New York Times is leaving to launch The Marshall Project, a non-profit journalism start-up focused on the American criminal justice system.  See this article.  Now that should be an interesting website!



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