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Consent — Absence of Coercion

State v. Philip R. Bons, 2007 WI App 124, PFR filed 4/24/07
For Bons: Vladimir M. Gorokhovsky


¶18      The State has satisfied its burden to show the consent was voluntary. There is no suggestion of misrepresentation, deception, trickery or intimidation. The officers did not use weapons or force or otherwise take custody of Bons. Bons testified that Ramstack told him that he could be arrested, but the court did not accept this testimony. The court did accept the officers’ testimony that when Bons said he did not have a choice but to acquiesce in the search, Ramstack informed him that he did have a choice in the matter and he could say “no.” Finally, the court chose to believe the officers’ testimony that Bons not only agreed to the search, but actually cooperated and even affirmatively assisted with the search by providing the keys to his car and opening the trunk. See id. at 201 (noting that a defendant’s cooperation with police is a consideration when evaluating voluntariness of consent).


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