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Cop had reasonable suspicion to support stop of truck despite losing sight of it

State v. Thomas M. Ort, 2015AP1571-72-CR, 8/2/16; District 3 (1-judge opinion; ineligible for publication); case activity (including briefs)

Ort did not challenge the circuit court’s findings that Officer Vosters observed a silver truck speeding and that speeding would be a reasonable basis to stop the truck. Ort’s objection was that after observing the speeding, Vosters lost sight of the truck briefly and then later simply stopped “the first silver truck he saw.”  The court of appeals disagreed:

¶12 On this record, we conclude Vosters’ decision to stop Ort’s truck was not based on a mere “hunch.” Rather, Vosters had reasonable suspicion to stop Ort’s truck based on Vosters’ observations regarding the truck’s color, make, model, and age; the lack of other vehicles between Vosters’ vehicle and the truck; and the short duration of time in which Vosters lost sight of the truck on the hill.

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