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Defenses – “Statutory Double Jeopardy,” § 939.71 – Conviction of Lesser Offense as Bar to Homicide Prosecution following Victim’s Subsequent Death

State v. Trevor McKee, 2002 WI App 148, PFR filed 6/28/02
For McKee: Kenneth P. Casey, SPD, Jefferson Trial

Issue/Holding: Drafters of § 939.71 intended to incorporate general principles of law of double jeopardy as then (1953) existed – which includes the “necessary facts” exception (prosecution of greater not barred by conviction of lesser offense where all facts necessary to conviction of greater had yet to come into existence). ¶12. Nothing in § 939.71 (or § 939.66) “prohibit(s) a successive prosecution for a greater crime when a fact necessary to conviction on the greater crime does not come into existence until after a defendant has been convicted of a lesser crime based on the same act.” ¶16.

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