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Disposition – Discretion Properly Exercised

Waukesha Co. DHHS v. Teodoro E., 2008 WI App 16, District 2 (published)

Issue/Holding: The trial court properly exercised discretion in terminating rights:

¶25 Teodoro finally argues that at the dispositional stage, the trial court erroneously determined that termination of his parental rights would be in the best interests of the children. This determination is committed to the circuit court’s discretion, and will not be overturned unless that discretion is erroneously exercised. See Sheboygan County DHHS v. Julie A.B., 2002 WI 95, ¶¶42-43, 255 Wis. 2d 170, 648 N.W.2d 402. Teodoro acknowledges some of the evidence that the court relied on in coming to its decision, including Adrianna’s psychologist’s opinion that there was not a substantial relationship between Teodoro and Adrianna and various indications that the children are doing much better since their separation from Teodoro. Teodoro’s only argument is to say that the court inappropriately “blamed” him for everything and to make the conclusory statement that “Adrianna and Antonio should be allowed to live with their father in Mexico.” He has presented nothing that would cause us to question the circuit court’s discretionary determination that termination is in the children’s best interest. We affirm.

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