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Evan Miller v. Alabama, USSC No. 10-9646 / Kuntrell Jackson v. Hobbs, USSC No. 10-9647, cert granted 11/7/11

MillerSCOTUSblog page; consolidated with Jackson: SCOTUSblog page

Question Presented (from SCOTUSblog):

Whether imposing a sentence of life without possibility of parole on an offender who was fourteen at the time he committed capital murder constitutes cruel and unusual punishment in violation of the Eighth Amendment.

Sound at least vaguely familiar? It should: our supreme court resolved that very question last Term, in State v. Omer Ninham, 2011 WI 33. (Ninham’s own cert petition remains pending, No. 11-6496, and in light of these grants will almost certainly be held in abeyance.) Incidentally, Ninham’s counsel, Bryan A. Stevenson / Equal Justice Initiative, is also counsel for both Miller and Jackson.

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