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First Amendment – Overbreadth – Travel Restrictions – “Banishment” from Victim’s County

Predick v. O’Connor, 2003 WI App 46

Issue/Holding: Banishment from victims’ county, under harassment injunction, § 813.125, upheld:

¶18 Thus, banishment is not a per se constitutional violation. As the previous discussion demonstrates, there is no exact formula for determining whether a geographic restriction is narrowly tailored. Each case must be analyzed on its own facts, circumstances and total atmosphere to determine whether the geographic restriction is narrowly drawn.

¶19 We therefore turn to the facts of this case. Here, we have an individual who has twice used a vehicle as a dangerous weapon in Walworth county and who has repeatedly demonstrated that a standard, more narrowly tailored, order will not deter her from harassing and endangering the lives of three innocent victims and their families, all of whom live in the county. The evidence in the record demonstrates that while she does not live or work in the county, Margaret frequently rents cars to drive around Walworth county. Further, her statements on the record indicate an absolute fixation on Tina and Pamela and an unwillingness to accept any possibility other than that she has been wronged and has a right to follow, threaten, harass and endanger these two women and their families. In fact, the trial court found that if Margaret were even in Walworth county, she would be tempted to prey upon her victims. Hence, Margaret poses a constant and dangerous threat any time she is present in the county.

¶20 Here, we also have three people who, as the record evidences, are victims for no apparent reason and have been driven to desperation by Margaret’s continuous harassment. These innocent victims deserve to be able to live their lives free from the constant fear of being tormented and attacked. The geographic restriction the trial court imposed will provide them with a margin of territorial safety in which they can live in peace.


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