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Friday links: pretty serious stuff

Cuts in public defender programs cause Sixth Amendment violations, says federal judge.  Sort of “no duh,” but it’s a big story.  Read more here.

Forty two states get an “F” in judicial ethics, according to a new report by The Center for Public Integrity.  Guess which side of the line Wisconsin fall on?  You guessed right, but we’re by no means the lowest “F” in the class.  Click here.

“Remarkable new HRW report details massive ‘trial penalty’ due to mandatory minimums in federal system.”  That’s right.  Drug offenders who go to trial and lose receive sentences 3 times longer than those who plea bargain.  Click here to read more.

High-profile exception to the rape-shield law.  James, Winston, Kobe & Florida’s Rape Shields Rule.  Here on the Evicenceprof Blog.

“Treating Juveniles Like Juveniles:  Getting rid of transfer and expanded adult court jurisdiction.”  This is a new article on the subject.

How to build a white-collar criminal defense practice.  Not that we want  you to stop representing the indigent.  No indeed.  But you might find this an interesting way to supplement your income.

Have a good weekend.

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