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Frivolous Findings!

From The Huffington Post:

Texas Judge’s Order Upholding ‘Bikini Tops For Strippers’ Law Is Completely Hilarious

From ABA Journal:

Judge jails lawyer and client over tardy arrival for jury selection
(Practice pointer: don’t be late for court.)

Partners ahoy! DLA Piper charters cruise ship for meeting
(Is this is the silk stocking firm’s twist on the SPD conference?)

Judge boldly uses Star Trek references in opinion blasting lawyers who sued porn downloaders
(Imagine the appeal!)

Can remote texter be liable if driver is distracted by message? Appeals court mulls novel theory
(See what appellate attorney “Skippy’ Weinstein had to say on the subject.)

From Above the Law:

It’s Time You Legally enforced Your Love for Your Mom
(Sunday is Mother’s Day. Give your mom a Momtract.)

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