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Guilty Pleas – Procedure – Plea Questionnaire, Generally

State v. Christopher S. Hoppe, 2009 WI 41, affirming 2008 WI App 89
For Hoppe: Martha K. Askins, SPD, Madison Appellate

Issue/Holding: A court may incorporate a plea questionnaire form into the guilty plea colloquy, but only up to a point:

 ¶32     The Plea Questionnaire/Waiver of Rights Form provides a defendant and counsel the opportunity to review together a written statement of the information a defendant should know before entering a guilty plea. A completed Form can therefore be a very useful instrument to help ensure a knowing, intelligent, and voluntary plea. The plea colloquy cannot, however, be reduced to determining whether the defendant has read and filled out the Form. Although we do not require a circuit court to follow inflexible guidelines when conducting a plea hearing, [18] the Form cannot substitute for a personal, in-court, on-the-record plea colloquy between the circuit court and a defendant.


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