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Haunted courthouses, racial profiling, and challenging ICE arrests at the courthouse

First, a spoonful of sugar:

Haunted courthouses.  Just in time for All Souls Day!

Public speaking tips for women lawyers.  Ladies, are you speaking at next week’s SPD conference? This BigLaw memo for lady lawyers will rile you!

Now, the medicine–links to posts about serious issues:

Second Circuit removes judge who ordered overhaul of NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practices.    Read court of appeals ruling here.

ACLU challenges ICE arrests at courthouse.  Immigration agents refrain from looking for suspects at “sensitive locations” like hospitals.  The ACLU says courthouses should also be a safe harbor.

Racial profiling at Barneys?  Cops stop Black shopper after purchasing pricey purse.

Apps for ex-cons.  Judge wants smartphone apps aimed at to help inmates just released from prison succeed.

Lack of valid email lands lawyer in ethics trouble.  Does Wisconsin have a similar rule?  If you are a Luddite, you might want to find out.

Not so serious

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