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Have you seen Professor Michael O’Hear’s recent book on Wisconsin sentencing?

It’s called Wisconsin Sentencing in the Tough-On-Crime Era: How Judges Retained Power and Mass Incarceration Happened Anyway. Click here for more details  about the book and here for a glowing review by the New York Journal of Books. Favorite book jacket quotes include:

Serious students of modern sentencing reforms—as well as everyone eager to understand the roots of, and potential responses to, modern mass incarceration—must have this book on their reading list. O’Hear thoroughly canvasses the dynamic story of Wisconsin’s uniquely important sentencing reform history.

—Douglas Berman, author of the Sentencing Law and Policy Blog

Michael O’Hear is among the most balanced and intelligent voices on criminal sentencing in the United States today. with clarity and rigor, he explores through the lens of one state the underlying specifics of mass incarceration–especially how we came to lock up so many for so long. in place of heated rhetoric, you will find here the sobering and powerful facts, including crass political reality, driving our incarceration binge since the late 1970’s.

—Dean A. Strang, lawyer and author of Worse than the Devil

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