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June 2020 publication list

On June 24, 2020, the court of appeals ordered publication of the following criminal law related cases:

State v. Tavodess Matthews, 2020 WI App 33 (motion to adjourn a probable cause hearing is a “preliminary contested matter” under judicial substitution statute)

State v. Adam W. Vice, 2020 WI App 34 (confession given after polygraph ordered suppressed)

State v. David M. Hay, 2020 WI App 35 (warrantless blood draw was unlawful; state failed to prove exigent circumstances)

State v. Troy R. Lasecki, 2020 WI App 36 (jury instruction and restitution errors lead to reversal in case against landlord charged with failing to return security deposits)

State ex rel. Jamie A. Coogan v. Steven R. Michek, 2020 WI App 37 (jail classification system doesn’t trump judge’s Huber order)

Eau Claire County DHS v. S.E., 2020 WI App 39 (amendment to continuing CHIPS TPR grounds applies to CHIPS orders issued before amendment took effect)

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