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Is there a new Fourth Amendment “plane” view doctrine in the offing? Eugene Volokh highlights a state high court decision invalidating a helicopter flyover search that kicked up dust and damaged the home. Already on the horizon: smaller, cleaner, and ever more available drones (including the weaponized ones).

Speaking of the Fourth Amendment, data from North Carolina, which collects the most detailed information about traffic stops, documents a wide racial divide in policing.

A pound of flesh—or in an Alabama courtroom, a pint of blood. And: On the subject of costs and fees, the FCC does something about the exorbitant cost of inmate phone calls. More here and here.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics: Texas discovers its probability statistics for cases involving mixed DNA are outdated, prompting review of hundreds of cases. More here.

Dogs: Not just for alerting on drugs anymore. An Ohio court of appeals decision rejects a defendant’s claim that his right to a fair trial was violated when the trial court erred by allowing the victim in a child sexual assault case to testify while a companion/therapy dog named Avery II rested at her feet.

It turns out it’s not just criminal defendants who try to illegally import drugs.

And speaking of drugs, here’s some free ethical advice: Don’t adamantly deny your client is using drugs and then, after the court orders a drug test, buy your client “detox” shampoo to avoid a positive result. News article here; disciplinary decision here.

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