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Links to the latest legal news!

The U.S. bail system has received a lot of press this week. Click here for the NYT’s “When Bail is out of reach, other costs mount” and here for the Marshall Project’s “No bail, less hope: The death of Kalief Browder.”

Those stories will make you cry. But John Oliver’s explanation of the American bail system will make you LOL! Click here. Rumor has it Milwaukee County judges are watching this video. Maybe you should too. 🙂

Why was Wisconsin’s crime lab manager fired last year? Click here for more.

In case you missed it, On Point posted links to Prof. Jeff fisher’s detailed lists of cutting-edge legal issues concerning the Confrontation Clause here and digital privacy here (complete with case cites). Fire up those trial court motions!

Lots of news reports on tension in SCOW this week. Click e.g. here.

Who is better at predicting SCOTUS decisions–humans or robots? Click here

Are you on Twitter? This Texas Supreme Justice is. Called the funniest judge on Twitter, he said “the bar is so low it’s practically subterranean.”

From The Onion: “Struggling Justice Alito sent down to lower court!” Click here.

For you techies, click here to read about one public interest law attorney’s mobile law practice.

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