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Links to the Latest Legal News!

In a nod to the Oscars, can you name the best legal movies of all times?  First guess, then see Above the Law’s post here.

The law you won’t be told!  Enjoy this short, funny video explaining juror nullification–but don’t show it to prospective jurors. Or maybe you should.  🙂

Surreptitious videos of SCOTUS arguments!  Cameras are not allowed in the United States Supreme Court, but that has not stopped gutsy protesters from taking videos of arguments–and mid-argument outbursts–on the sly.  Click here for the NYTimes story and here for one of the videos.

What does Google know about you and your clients?  Yikes!  Read the answer and listen to the NPR story here.

On Monday SCOTUS will hear arguments about how to determine whether a defendant is too mentally disabled to be executed.  May states just set an IQ test score cutoff?  (If the answer’s yes, you probably want to avoid test prep classes for that exam.)  Read the argument preview here.

Neurolaw?  It just might influence your defense strategy.  Click here.


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