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Links to the Latest Legal News!

Remember the post about the judge who punched a public defender?  The judge has returned to the bench, and the PD has resigned in protest.  More here.

What was it like to practice law in 1981?  There were no computers.  Smoking was allowed and so was little sexual harassment.  Check out this article and video capturing life as lawyer before most of us started practicing.

Two public defenders fired over “hate speech” in Facebook comments.  What’s “hate speech?”  Click here to see what qualifies.

Don’t try this at home (or work):  Federal Judge Tells SCOTUS to STFU.

Are false convictions really worse than false acquittals?  Harvard Law Prof. Daniel Epps challenges the Blackstone principle.  Click here.

Would you use Google Glass to pick your juries?  This lawyer does.  Of course, he also has a jury consultant.

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