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Links to the latest legal news!

Our very own Mike Tobin reports on last Thursday’s big win on expunction in SCOW. See Mike’s article for the Collateral Consequences Resource Center here.

Will Chief Justice Abrahamson lose her job in 2015? Click here for more.

AAG gets bench slapped because appellate record literally emits foul stench. Click here.

Are plea bargains confessions? Brandon Garrett says “no”. Click here.

Brad Pitt deemed too handsome for jury duty! Click here.

Still chafing over the SCOTUS decision in Heien v. North Carolina? So is The Atlantic, which just published: “When Cops Don’t Know the Law” here.

“Framed by Forensics!” How do you get junk science thrown out of court? Find out here.

The “shrink the prisons” movement hasn’t moved the numbers, according to this new study.

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