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Links to the latest legal news

Which judges give the most lenient sentences?  This large, new study says women and Democrats!

Predictive policing and reasonable suspicion.  Check out this law review article on how police use “big data” predict when and where a crime is about to occur.

Missouri public defenders push back against the tide of cases.  See this NY Times article about a recent analysis of their workload.

Judge Richard Posner, game to reconsider “ancient dogma,” says it’s about time to “swallow the exceptions” to the hearsay rule.  Click here.

Do you find legal briefs dull and cumbersome?  Bryan Garner says they’d be a lot clearer and more interesting if lawyers would just move all citations to legal authority from the text to the footnotes.  Here is his post.  Hmmm.

Can a lawyer testify at a hearing on his client’s ineffective assistance of counsel claim without first getting a waiver?  One court says yes.  (An ABA ethics opinion says no).



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